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Polymers and Plastics - Applications

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The primary categories include: General interest, Polymers and plastics, and Rubber. By selecting one of these categories, the second level of choices appears. For example, in Polymers and plastics, the second level choices include: Additives, Applications, Chemical characterization, Chemistry (polymer types), Environment protection, Health & safety, Formulations, Modeling & computation, Properties, Processing methods, Recycling, Structural materials, and Testing methods. Selection of the second level choice gives many third level choices, including 85 different groups of publications on a particular subject.
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Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens  
Richard P. Pohanish, 2008, ISBN 978-0-8155-1553-1
Toxic and hazardous chemicals are manufactured in nearly every country in the world. They are a critical part of the global economy and also one of the greatest threats to our safety and security. Sittig’s Handbook has proven itself, year after year, to be one of the most important major references anyone dealing with these substances can have at their disposal. This 5th Edition will prove that it is, once again, the lone comprehensive work available.
Price: $555.00

The Effect of Temperature and Other Factors on Plastics  
Laurence W. McKeen, Editor, 2007, ISBN 978-0-8155-1568-5
An exhaustive compilation of multipoint performance data that serves as an evaluation of plastics as they are exposed to varying temperature and humidity conditions.
Price: $380.00

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces  
Ed. Manfred Stamm, 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-73864-0
Surfaces and interfaces of polymers play an important role in most of the application areas of polymers this publication helps scientists and engineers in research and development to find solutions to both fundamental and applied problems.
Price: $185.00

Selection of Polymeric Materials  
Alfredo Campo, 2008, ISBN 978-0-8155-1551-7
This handbook steers engineers and designers onto the right path to selecting the appropriate values for each plastic property. A large amount of property information has been provided. melting glass transition, temperature, heat
Price: $235.00

Handbook of Antistatics  
Jürgen Pionteck & George Wypych, 2007, ISBN 1-895198-34-8
This handbook is the first comprehensive book written on the subject of antistatic additives. A few previously published books are either very old or they constitute short reviews or chapters in books on polymer additives.
Price: $265.00

Sulfur. History, Technology, Applications & Industry  
Dr. Gerald Kutney, 2007, ISBN 978-1-895198-37-9
The book has seven chapters each devoted to either method of production or set of applications as they intertwined during different stages of industrial and technological developments. This book, scientific and technical in nature, is written in a clear and concise style by the author who aims at presenting scholarly contents to be understood by those who do not have a strong background in chemistry and the text will be enjoyed until the last page by anyone.
Price: $185.00
Out of Stock

CRC Handbook of Enthalpy Data of Polymer-Solvent Systems  
Christian Wohlfarth, 2006, ISBN 9780849393617
CRC Handbook of Enthalpy Data of Polymer-Solvent Systems is the first complete book on enthalpies of solution, mixing, and dilution for polymer-liquid systems
Price: $370.00

Electrical Properties of Polymers  
E. Riande and R. Diaz-Calleja, 2004, ISBN 978-0-824753467
Electrical Properties of Polymers describes the electric phenomena responsible for determining the chemical and supramolecular structure of polymers and polymeric materials.
Price: $283.00

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