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The primary categories include: General interest, Polymers and plastics, and Rubber. By selecting one of these categories, the second level of choices appears. For example, in Polymers and plastics, the second level choices include: Additives, Applications, Chemical characterization, Chemistry (polymer types), Environment protection, Health & safety, Formulations, Modeling & computation, Properties, Processing methods, Recycling, Structural materials, and Testing methods. Selection of the second level choice gives many third level choices, including 85 different groups of publications on a particular subject.
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Handbook of Odors in Plastic Materials  
George Wypych, 2013, ISBN 978-1-895198-51-5
It is the first book ever written on this important subject. Odor of product may decide whether a product is purchased by customer or not.  Odor can also be important reason for customer complaints and product return. Many leading companies have recognized this as an opportunity and they actively study and modify odors of their products.
Price: $275.00

Liquid Chromatography  
Eds; Fanali; Haddad; Poole; Schoenmakers; Lloyd, 2013, ISBN 978-0-12-415807-8
A single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern liquid chromatography suitable for advanced students and professionals working in a laboratory or managerial capacity
Price: $195.00

Surface Engineering of Polymeric Biomaterials  
Todorka G Vladkova, 2013, ISBN 9781847356581
The theoretical basis of surface engineering for improvement of biocontact properties of polymeric biomaterials as well as the current state-of-the-art of the surface engineering of polymeric biomaterials are presented. The book also includes information on the most used conventional and advanced surface engineering methods.
Price: $205.00

Thermal Methods of Polymer Analysis  
T. R. Crompton, 2013, ISBN 9781847356611
This book reviews the various thermal methods used for the characterisation of polymer properties and composition. All these methods study the properties of polymers as they change with temperature.
Price: $200.00

Plasticizers Database  
Anna Wypych, 2012, ISBN 978-1-895198-57-7
Plasticizers Database V.3 is the largest database on plasticizers ever published. Since 2004, 498 plasticizers included in the previous edition of Plasticizer Database were discontinued. Over 200 new plasticizers were added.
Price: $295.00

Handbook of Plasticizers, 2nd Edition  
George Wypych Editor, 2012, ISBN 978-1-895198-50-8
This book contains comprehensive review of information available in open literature, such as published scientific papers, information from plasticizer manufacturers, and patent literature. The book contains information from the most recent sources and updated information from the previous edition. 
Price: $285.00

Thermal Stability of Polymers  
T. R. Crompton, 2012, ISBN 9781847355133
This book reviews in nine chapters the measurement of these properties in the main types of polymers in use today. Numerous techniques are discussed ranging from thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance based methods to pyrolytic techniques.
Price: $205.00

PEEK Biomaterials Handbook  
Steven M. Kurtz, 2012, ISBN 978-1-4377-4463-7
Price: $199.00

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