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Olefin Polymerization

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Olefin Polymerization
Author: Walter Kaminsky
ISBN 978-3-527-31742-4

Published: 2006
pages 500, hardcover

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With an enormous velocity, olefin polymerization has expanded to one of the most significant fields in polymers since the first industrial use about 50 years ago. In 2005, 100 million tons of polyolefins were produced - the biggest part was catalyzed by metallorganic compounds. The Hamburg Macromolecular Symposium 2005 with the title "Olefin Polymerization" involved topics such as new catalysts and cocatalysts, kinetics, mechanism and polymer reaction engineering, synthesis of special polymers, and characterization of polyolefins. The conference combined scientists from different disciplines to discuss latest research results of polymers and to offer each other the possibility of cooperation. This is reflected in this volume, which contains invited lectures and selected posters presented at the symposium..

Topic A. A New Catalysts and Cocatalysts.

Ansa-Metallocenes by Intramolecular Ring Closure Reactions - Synthses and Applications.

Metallocene Catalysts for Olefin Oligomerization.

Syndiospecific Polymerization Catalysts for Styrene Based on Rare Earth Metal Half-Sandwich Complexes.

Novel Initiators for Thermally and UV-Triggered ROMP.

Single-Site Organochromium Catalysts: Synthesis, Characterisation by Paramagnetic NMR and Olefin Polymerisation.

Activation of Metallacyclopropenes, five-membered metallacyclocumulenes and Metallacyclopentynes of Zirocnium with iBu2AIH.

19F NMR Investigations of the Reaction of B(C6F5)3 with Different Tri(alkyl)aluminum Compounds.

Topic B. Kinetics, Mechanism, and Polymer Reaction Engineering.

Methylalumoxane (MAO)-Derived MeMAO - Anions  in Zirconcene-Based Polymerization Catalyst Systems - A UV-Vis Spectroscopic Study.

Solvent-Ligated Transition Metal Complexes as Initiators for teh Polymerization of Isobutene.

Microkinetic Videomicroscopic Analysis of the Olefin-Copolymerization with Heterogeneous Catalysts.

Metal Complexes for the Vinyl Addition Polymerization of Norbornene: New Compound Classes and Activation Mechanism with B(C6F5)3/AIEt3

Anion Influence in Metallocene-based Olefin Polymerisation Catalysts.

Living Olefin Polymerisatin and Block Copolymer Synthesis in the Presence of a Phenoxyimine Ligand.

Synthesis of Very Small Polymer Particles by Catalytic Polymerization in Aqueous Systems.

Tandem Copolymerization: An Effective Control of the Level of Brancing and Molecular Weight Distribution.

Using the Transer Function of an Isoperibolic reaction Calorimemter for Thermo-Kinetic Anlysis.

Topic C. Synthesis of Special Polymers.

New Polyolefin nanocomposites and Catalyst Supports Based on Organophilic Boehmites.

Control of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polypropene Microstructures via Asymmetric "Dual-Side" Catalysts.

Ethylene/1,3-Cyclohexadiene Copolymerization by Means of Methylaluminoxane Activated Half Sandwich Complexes.

Direct Copolymerization of Propene and Ethne-based Macromers to Produxce Long Chaqin Brancehd Sydiotactic Polypropene.

New Materials Designed by Coordination Polymerization of w-Undecenyl Macromonomers

Coordination Homopolymerization w-Undecenyl Poly(stryrene-block-isoprene) Macromonomers in the Presence of CGC-Ti.MAO Complexes.

PP/PMMA Block Copolymers by Combination of ATRP and Metallocene Catalysis.

Synthesis of Copolymers by Combination of ATRP and Metallocene Catalysis.

Polymerization of Polar Monmers Using Cyclopentadienyl Complexes of the Alkaline Earth Metals.

Topic D: Characterization of Polyolefins.

Rheological Characterization of Long-chain Branched Polyethylenes and Comparison with Classical Analytical Methods.

The Rheology of Linear and Long-chain Brancehd Polyethylenes and Comparison with Classical Analytical Methods.

The Rheology of Linear and Long-chain Brancehd polymer Melts.

Characterization of Branched Polyethylenes and Comparison with Classical Analytical Methods.

The Rheology of Linear and Long-Cahin Brancehd Polymer Melts.

Characterization of Brancehd Polyolefins by High Temperature GPC Utilizing Function Specific Detectors.

Sorption Studies of Propylene in Polypropylene Polymerized with Novel Ziegler-Natta-Catalysts in L iquid and Gas Phase.

The Study of Cavitation in HDPE Using Time Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Scattering During Tensile Deformation.

Morphology Evolution in the Early Stages of Olefin Polymerization.


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