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Extrusion Coating, Lamination and Coextrusion: The complete process manual

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Extrusion Coating, Lamination and Coextrusion: The complete process manual
Author: B H Gregory
ISBN 978-1906479084

Published: 2012
310 pages

Price: $210.00 + S&H
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A practical study of the production and potential of multilayered plastic films.

This book is written for the industry professional engaged in the development, production or specification of multilayered films for packaging and other industrial applications. It will enable the reader to optimize product performance and evaluate the most cost effective solutions, with useful information on the key polymers and substrates used.

Multilayer film structures provide properties and performance which could not be achieved by a single material, whilst also exploiting cheap and easily processed polymers – primarily polyethylene. All three processes described can be used in their manufacture, and in combination they provide yet more options and benefits. One role of this book is to explain when each should be used.

This is a practical process manual filled with useful advice for the processor seeking the optimum product, describing the effects of machine design, process variables and materials selection. The guiding principle applied in this manual is that of cause and effect. This is achieved by integrating experimental data and computer modeling with the author’s extensive experience to arrive at conclusions and recommendations based on quantitative data.

There is sufficient theory for the student or industry newcomer who wishes to understand how the processes work. Designers and end-users will also find plenty of information on the properties and performance that can be obtained.

The extrusion coating process

Extrusion coated products

Extruder and screw design

Die design

Adhesion in extrusion coating

Adhesion promotion methods

The adhesive lamination process

Polyethylene lamination films

Coextrusion processes

Coextrusion tie-resins

Substrates and films

Multilayered film applications

Polyethylene materials and processes

Barrier and other polymers

Recommended further reading
Bert Gregory studied Polymer Chemistry and Technology in London. Over a period of 35 years he has worked in the plastics industry with major international chemical companies, including employment with ICI, USI and Exxon Chemical. During this period extensive experience was gained in the area of extrusion coating, coextrusion and film processes in flexible packaging particularly in the perishable food and medical sectors.

Some key successes were the development and market introduction of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers in a number of applications such as hot melt adhesives and agricultural films and compounding of plastics with elastomers. This included leading a team to develop and commercialize ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers and ionomers in packaging applications.

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