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Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes 2001

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Blowing Agents and Foaming Processes 2001
Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-85957-252-8

Published: 2001
Frankfurt, Germany, 13th-14th March 2001

Pages: 190, Figures: 245, Tables: 82

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In recent years the markets for foams or expended substrates has grown enormously, this is documented through the high number of patent applications for products and processes which are filed each year. This third, international conference dedicated to the critical role of blowing agents in foamed plastics and rubber assembled major blowing agent manufacturers and suppliers, foaming process providers and academia to present insight into the industrial progress and research for foam generation.
List of papers
New Polymeric Foam Technologies
Michael E. Reedy and *Stan Dudek, Reedy International Corporation, USA and *Durrell Components, USA
Advantages of the Use of Chemical Foaming Agents in Wood-Plastic Composites
Gunther Luebke, Clariant Masterbatch GmbH & Co. OHG, Germany
Titanate and Zirconate Coupling Agents in Foamed Polymers
Salvatore J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc., USA
Compounding Based Rotational Foam Molding of Polyolefin Foams
Remon Pop-Iliev, Ghaus M. Rizvi, and Chul B Park; Microcellular Plastics Manufacturing Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada
A New Grade of Expandable Microspheres for Foaming Polypropylene
Klas Elfving, Expancel, Sweden
Can User Demands Be Met By Suppliers?
Siebolt Hettinga, Hettinga Technologies, Inc., USA
Strategies for Achieving Fine-celled Low-Density Polypropylene Foams
Hani E.Naguib, Chul B. Park and *Achim Hesse, *Ulf Panzer, Norbert Reichelt; Microcellular Plastics Manufacturing Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada and *Borealis GmbH, Austria
Low Pressure Injection Moulding
Helmut Eckardt, Process and Engineering Department, Battenfeld GmbH, Germany
New Technology for Foam Injection Moulding with Physical Blowing Agents
W. Michaeli, Sasan Habibi-Naini, IKV, Germany
Case Studies on Gas in Melt Technology (Gimtech) and Coralfoam Technology
Barrie Penny, Pentex Limited, UK
Foaming of Cable Insulation - Some Physical Basics
Thomas Reiner and Horst Scheid, Siebe Engineering, Germany
Innovative Approach To Molding Large Structural Parts Using Multi-Nozzle Low Pressure Technology
Brian Read and *Richard Lynch, Horizon Plastics Limited, Canada and *Uniloy Milacron, USA
New Aspects of Endothermal Blowing Agents in Blow Moulding Applications
Rudi France, Inkutec GmbH, Germany
Rigid PVC Cellular Extrusion North America and Europe Market and Technology Trends
Stephen Quinn, Bayer plc, UK
Technical and Environmental Acceptance of HFCs as Blowing Agents for XPS Boards
Christer Bratt* and Arnaud Albouy**, *Nordic Foam AB, Sweden and **Atofina, France
Solubility of Simple Alkanes in Polyethylene and Its Effects in Low Density Foam Extrusion
S. T. Lee and Kevin Lee, Sealed Air Corporation, USA
Methylal or Dimethoxymethane as a Blowing Agent for Polyurethane Foams?
Michel Beaujean, Lambiotte et Cie S.A., Belgium
What comes After Cyclopentane?
Holger Seifert, Anja Biedermann and Werner Wiegmann, Elastogran, Germany
Molding Technology: Introduction, Applications and Advantages
David Pierick and Robert Janisch, MuCell Molding, Trexel, Inc., and Trexel, Inc., USA
HFC-245fa & HFC-245fa Blends: Blowing Agent Solutions for All Rigid and Integral Skin Foam Applications
David Williams and Mary Bogdan, Honeywell, USA
New Blowing Agents for Insulated Panels
Barrier G. Colvin, IFS Chemicals Limited, UK
The Effect of Nucleating Agent Particle Size and Specific Surface Area on Foam Morphology: A New Descriptor
Denis Rodrigue 1 , Caroline Woelfle 1 and Louis E. Daigneault 2 , 1 Université Laval, Canada and 2 IPEX, Canada
Modern Polyurethane Machine and Production Line Concepts for Processing Environmentally Compatible Blowing Agents
Terry Armitt, Hennecke GmbH, Germany
HFC Blends for the Production of High Performance XPS Insulating Foams
Pierre Dournel (1) and Lothar Zipfel (2) , (1) Solvay Research & Technology, Belgium and (2) Solvay Fluor und Derivate GmbH, Germany
Optimization of Insulation Performance by HFC-365mfc
Lothar Zipfel (1) , Pierre Dournel (2) , (1) Solvay Strategic Business Unit Fluor, Solvay Fluor und Derivate GmbH, Germany and (2) Solvay Strategic Business Unit Fluor, Solvay Fluor und Derivate GmbH, Belgium
New Developments in PET Foam
Hussain Al Ghatta, D. Giordano and T. Severini, Sinco Ricerche SpA, Italy
Optimization of Crosslinking and Gas Liberation in Cellular Rubber
Kristin Vinje, SINTEF Materials Technology, Norway
Foaming of Film and Sheet from Polypropylene and Polystyrene
Ulrich Berghaus, Reifenhaeuser GmbH & Co., Germany


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