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Characterization of Copolymers

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Characterization of Copolymers
Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 1-85957-048-86

Published: 1995
9 papers, softbound

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This report reviews the current use of plastics for packaging both by technology and market covering the world in consumption and growth terms as well as materials and process developments.

List of Papers:

Compositional Heterogeneity of Copolymers: Characterization by Multidetectors and Column Chromatography Techniques, J. V. Dawkins, Department of Chemistry; Loughborough University of Technology, UK

Characterization of Block Copolymers Using Size Exclusion Chromatography with Multiple Detectors, Elizabeth Meehan and Stephen O'Donohue, Polymer Laboratories Ltd., Church Stretton, UK

2-Dimensional Chromatography for the Deformulation of Complex Copolymers, P. Kiltz, R.-P. Kruger, H. Much, G. Schulz, PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH, Germany and Center for Macromolecular Chemistry. Germany

Automated Techniques in Oligomer, Polymer Blend, and Copolymer Analysis for Conventional Calibration, Universal Calibration, and Light Scattering Through Calculation of the Concentration and dn/dc Profiles, D. T. Gillespie, H. K. Hammons, J. Li, Viscotek Co., Houston, USA

Characterization of Polyethylene Co-Polymers by Coupled GPC/FTIR, L. J. Rose, C. J. Frye, S. M. Blyth, BP Chemicals, Applied Technology Center, UK and Courtaulds Film, UK

Size Exclusion Chromatography-FTIR Techniques for Polymer Analysis, James N. Willis, James L, Dwyer, and Michael X. Liu, Lab Connections, Inc., USA

Gradient Polymer Elution Chromatography - Qualitative Study for Prediction of Retention Times using Cloud-Points and Solubility Parameters, Wim J. Staal and Pim de Swaat, Waters Ltd. Netherlands

Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation: Recent Advances in Instrumentation and Technique, I. R. Harrison, T-C (Tim) Hsu, Serop Karoglanian, and Claudia Fonseca, Penn State University, USA and Polymics, USA

Multiple-Wavelength Laser Light Scattenng Detection for Copolymer Characterization, Charles Mooney, Polymetrix, USA


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