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Molding for profit: the injection molding business in the 21st century

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Molding for profit: the injection molding business in the 21st century
Author: Clare Goldsberry
ISBN 9781906479077

Published: 2012
Number of pages: 278
Cover: Hardback

Price: $145.00 + S&H
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Business advice for small and medium sized injection molders.
There are plenty of books about molding technology, materials and markets, but the biggest challenges are often the business issues. A typical problem is creating a brand, when you don’t have a specific product to sell to consumers. It can be hard to identify and target the right customers. Small companies often focus on getting today’s order out through the door, rather than thinking about tomorrow. This book examines these conundrums and many more.

History confirms that it’s not easy. The author has thirty years experience as a practitioner, commentator and advisor. She has watched companies come and go, but also seen the successes. In this concise and readable book she draws on this experience, along with advice received and provided.

17 chapters cover Managing Your Business, Understanding the Industry, Technological Challenges and Opportunities, and Planning for the Future. The book includes examples and case histories, together with information resources, practical suggestions, tools and action plans which can be adapted and applied in the reader’s own business.
Chapter 1 Background – the evolution of the custom injection molding business
Managing your business
Chapter 2 Developing marketing strategies for profitability
Appendix 2.1: Employee survey questionnaire template
Appendix 2.2: Customer survey questionnaire template
Chapter 3 Marketing communications – telling your story and communicating your value
Chapter 4 Sales strategies
Chapter 5 Business planning for success
Chapter 6 Employee training, hiring and firing
Appendix 6.1: Skills audit and training plan
Understanding the industry
Chapter 7 Markets and profitability
Chapter 8 Business challenges for the 21st century – local or global?
Chapter 9 Business challenges for the 21st century – sustainability
Chapter 10 Business operations for profitability
Technological challenges and opportunities
Chapter 11 Advanced injection molding technology – adding value and flexibility
Chapter 12 Factory organization and efficiency
Chapter 13 Moldmaking technology
Chapter 14 Additive manufacturing – from prototyping to production
Chapter 15 Polymer materials – minimize costs and maximize choice
Final Thoughts
Chapter 16 Planning for the longer term
Additional Material
Chapter 17 A Case Study
Glossary of abbreviations

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