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Biopolymers, Volume 5, Polysaccharides I: Polysaccharides from Prokaryotes

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Biopolymers, Volume 5, Polysaccharides I: Polysaccharides from Prokaryotes
Author: Erick J. Vandamme (Editor), Sophie De Baets (Editor), Alexander Steinbüchel (Editor)
ISBN 978-3-527-30226-0

Published: 2002
534 pages

Price: $464.00 + S&H
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Volumes 5 and 6 focus on simple and complex polysaccharides synthesized by organisms as storage compounds, cell wall constituents or compounds at the surfaces of cells. They describe biosynthesis, metabolism, biodegradation, functions, properties and applications of these biopolymers, covering such topics as: agar, alginates, alternan, carrageenan, cellulose, cell wall polysaccharides from fungi, fucogel, chitin, chitosan, curdlan, dextran, elsinan, emulsan, gellan, glycogen, glycolipids, glycopeptides, gums, hemicellulose, hyaluronan, inulin, levan, lipopolysaccharides and other eps, peptidoglycans from archaea and bacteria, pectin, pullulan, schizophyllan, scleroglucan, succinoglycan, starch, teichoic acids, teichuronic acids, xanthan.
Polysaccharides from Microorganisms, Plants and Animals (I. Sutherland). 

Glycogen Synthesis and its Regulation in Bacteria (J. Preiss). 

Bacterial Cellulose (S. Bielecki, et al.). 

Bioemulsans: Surface-active Polysaccharide-containing Complexes (E. Rosenberg & E. Ron). 

Other Bacterial Glycolipids (J. Desai & A. Desai). 

Curdlan (I. Lee). 

Succinoglycan (M. Stredansky). 

Alginates from Bacteria (B. Rehm). 

Poly-(1—4)-β-D-glucuronan (J. Courtois & B. Courtois). 

Sphingan Group of Exopolysaccharides (EPS) (T. Pollock). 

Xanthan (K. Born, et al.). 

Dextran (T. Leathers). 

Alternan (G. Côté). 

Levan (S. Rhee, et al.). 

Hyaluronan (P. Prehm). 

Exopolysaccharides of Lactic Acid Bacteria (I. Hallemeersch, et al.). 

Murein (Peptidoglycan) (C. Heidrich & W. Vollmer). 

Teichoic and Teichuronic Acids from Gram-Positive Bacteria (V. Lazarevic, et al.). 

Polysaccharide-containing Cell-wall Polymers of Archaea (H. König). 



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