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Biopolymers, Volume 4, Polyesters III - Applications and Commercial Products

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Biopolymers, Volume 4, Polyesters III - Applications and Commercial Products
Author: Yoshiharu Doi (Editor), Alexander Steinbüchel (Editor)
ISBN 978-3-527-30225-3

Published: 2002
410 pages

Price: $464.00 + S&H
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Volumes 3a, b and 4 focus on polyesters synthesized by bacteria and eukaryotic organisms as well as all aspects of the biosynthesis and metabolism of these biopolymers together with their production and isolation. In addition, these volumes treat various synthetic polyesters and related polymers synthesized by the chemical industry for the manufacture of biodegradable materials. Topics include: polyhydroxyalkanoates, pha granules, non-storage phas, poly(malic acid), cutin, suberin, polyphosphate, polylactides, polyglycolide, polyanhydrides, polyesteramides, aliphatic organic polyesters and related polymers, in vitro synthesis of polyesters, chemical synthesis, biotechnological production by fermentation, isolation from plants, production in transgenic plants, biodegradation
Properties and application of aliphatic polyester products (Masatsugi Mochizuki) 

Aliphatic polyesters (Ann-Christine Albertson and Indra K. Varma) 

Biodegradable polyester Biopol (Jawed Asrar and Kenneth J. Gruys) 

Applications of PHAs in medicine and pharmacy (Simon F. Williams and David P. Martin) 

Polylactides (Hideto Tsuji) 

Polyglycolide and copolyesters with lactide (Michael Vert) 

Polyanhydrides (Neeraj Kumar, et al.) 

Polylactides "Natureworks PLA" (Patrick Gruber and Michael O'Brien) 

Polylactic acid "LACEA" (Nobuyuki Kawashima, et al.) 

Aliphatic polyesters "Bionolle" (Ryoji Ishioka, et al.) 

Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic polyesters "Ecoflex" (Motonori Yamamoto, et al.) 

Polyesteramides (Ralf Timmermann) 

Chemical modification of natural and synthetic polyesters (Emo Chiellini, et al.) 

Production of chiral and other valuable compounds from microbial polyesters (Sang Yup Lee, et al.) 



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