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Biopolymers, Volume 3a, Polyesters I - Biological Systems and Biotechnological Production

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Biopolymers, Volume 3a, Polyesters I - Biological Systems and Biotechnological Production
Author: Yoshiharu Doi (Editor), Alexander Steinbüchel (Editor)
ISBN 978-3-527-30224-6

Published: 2002
472 pages

Price: $464.00 + S&H
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Volumes 3a, b and 4 focus on polyesters synthesized by bacteria and eukaryotic organisms as well as all aspects of the biosynthesis and metabolism of these biopolymers together with their production and isolation. In addition, these volumes treat various synthetic polyesters and related polymers synthesized by the chemical industry for the manufacture of biodegradable materials. Topics include: polyhydroxyalkanoates, pha granules, non-storage phas, poly(malic acid), cutin, suberin, polyphosphate, polylactides, polyglycolide, polyanhydrides, polyesteramides, aliphatic organic polyesters and related polymers, in vitro synthesis of polyesters, chemical synthesis, biotechnological production by fermentation, isolation from plants, production in transgenic plants, biodegradation.
Cutin from Plants (P. Kolattukudy) 

Suberin from Plants (P. Kolattukudy) 

Water-soluble Aliphatic Polyesters (Polymalic acid)s (B. Lee, et al.) 

Microbial Water-insoluble Aliphatic Polyesters (PHA) (J. Merrick) 

Non-storage Poly-(R)-3-hydroxyalkanoates (Complexed PHAs) in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes (R. Reusch) 

PHA Synthases: The Key Enzyme of PHA Synthesis (B. Rehm and A. Steinbüchel) 

Metabolic Pathways and Engineering of PHA Biosynthesis (K. Taguchi, et al.) 

Metabolic Flux Analysis on the Production of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (S. Lee, et al.) 

Fermentative Production of SCL-PHAs (S. lee and S. Park) 

Fermentative Production of Medium-chain-length Poly (3-hydroxylkanoate) (R. Weusthuis, et al.) 

Biosynthesis and Fermentative Production of SCL-PHAs (S. Lee and S. Park) 

Production of PHAs from Activated Sludge (H. Satoh and T. Mino) 

In vitro Biosynthesis of Polyhxdroxyalkanoates (S. Zhang, et al.) 

Enzymatic Polymerization to Polyesters (S. Kobayashi and H. Uyama) 

Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Transgenic Plants (Y. Poirier and K. Gruys)


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