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The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing and Properties

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The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing and Properties
Author: Dr Vannessa Goodship
ISBN 978-1-906479-05-3

Published: 2010
Pages 190 soft cover

Price: $125.00 + S&H
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The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing and Properties provides clear
descriptions of the wide range of plastic materials, and explanations of the
basic shaping and finishing processes. The author also talks about materials
properties and testing, and provides some simple examples of why particular
plastics are used in common or more challenging applications. Common
abbreviations are explained.
Readable from cover-to-cover, or easily referred to when questions arise,
this book will be indispensible. 

Plastics - they are everywhere." The first sentence of this book hints at
the problem it seeks to address. The shear diversity of plastics materials
has led to their use in products as varied as disposable packaging,
life-saving medical devices, giant wind-turbine blades and tiny electronic
components. Their prices and properties vary as widely, and they can be
moulded, extruded, blown, formed, and shaped in many other ways.
Traditionally made from petrochemicals, designers can now also choose from a
range of natural materials. Performance will depend on chemical
constitution, but also on the selection of processing aids and property
modifiers which can be added to the basic material.

Part 1: Polymers and plastics  
Additives - from polymers to plastics  
Composites and laminates  
Thermoplastic fibres  
Scope of plastic materials  
Part 2: Processing  
The principles of plastics processing  
Twin-screw machines  
Processing beyond the screw  
Injection Moulding  
Blow Moulding  
Film Blowing  
Compression Moulding  
Injection compression moulding  
Rotational moulding  
Intrusion moulding  
Transfer moulding  
Reaction Injection Moulding  
Making fibre reinforced structural components  
Melt spinning  
Producing Plastic Foams  
Finishing Operations  
Decoration: Painting, Plating and Printing  
Part 3: Properties  
Quality and Testing  
Introduction to Common Methods  
Physical Properties  
Mechanical Properties of Plastics and their effect on performance  
Thermal Properties  
Electrical Properties  
Other Properties  
Safety Factors - a cautionary comment  
4. The Scope and Application of plastic materials  
Typical Applications of common plastics  
-Packaging Materials  
-Medical Products and Devices  
-Automotive Applications  
-Electrical and Electronic goods  
-Construction and structural engineering  
Green Issues:reuse and disposal of plastics  
Nature's polymer processing


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