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TPE 2003

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TPE 2003
Author: Rapra Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-85957-368-6

Published: 2003
188 pages, 21 papers pages

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The use of thermoplastic elastomers is developing rapidly into a major success story, both as replacement for vulcanised rubber and also for totally new applications. Several important factors are driving developments forward such as legislation on recycling materials in cars and electrical/electronic goods, and continued growth of soft-touch applications.

To meet these demands there are many technical developments in hand by TPE manufacturers and compounders such as greater thermal, oxidative and weathering stability; softer grades of premium TPEs; improved properties such as resilience, oil resistance, flammability, smoke emission, fogging, adhesion and transparency; foamable grades and improved co-processibility.New types of dynamically vulcanised TPEs with improved properties, melt mixing as a low cost route to new types of TPE, and metallocene catalysed polyolefin materials are examples of developments pushing the boundaries even further.


  • Paper 1: Recent Trends and Outlook for Elastomers
    Dock No, Darren Cooper & Prachaya Jumpasut, International Rubber Study Group, UK
  • Paper 2: TPE Value and Growth Opportunities
    Robert Eller, Robert Eller Associates Inc, USA
  • Paper 3: A New Application of TPV in Korea; Roofing and Geomembrane
    Minjae Hwang1, J S Kim1, M K Yang1, J S Choi2 & T S Jung3, Honam Petrochemical Corp, Korea1, Sung Jin Construction Co2 & Daeheung Industrial Co3


  • Paper 4: New TPEs for Durable Soft Touch Applications
    Jeffrey McCoy & Jane Maselli, A Schulman Inc, USA
  • Paper 5: Performance, Processing and Design Advantages of Santoprene® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate over Thermoset Rubber
    Brendan Chase, Advanced Elastomer Systems NV/SA, Belgium


  • Paper 6: Nordel® MG - “The Game Changer” - ... For TPV
    Gary Williams, Du Pont Dow Elastomers, USA
  • Paper 7: Short Dynamic Vulcanisation: A New and Simpler Way to Produce TPV
    Dino Bacci, Roberta Marchini & Maria Teresa Scrivani, Basell Polyolefins, Italy
  • Paper 8: Sarlink 6000: A new TPV Technology bringing Unique Features to the Market
    Alberto Dozeman & Gart Kostemans, DSM Elastomers, The Netherlands
  • Paper 9: A Polyester Based TPV with Excellent Oil Resistance at High Temperatures
    Christer Bergstrom, Optatech Corporation, Finland
  • Paper 10: Zeotherm: A New 150°C Capable Heat and Oil Resistant Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV)
    Brian Cail & Robert DeMarco, Zeon Chemicals LP, USA
  • Paper 11: A New TPV with Excellent Recovery Performance
    Stuart Cook, TARRC, UK


  • Paper 12: Intelligent Material Choice for Automotive Applications
    Marc Setzen, PolyOne, Belgium
  • Paper 13: TPSiV™ Thermoplastic Elastomers Improve Automotive Hose Assembly Performance While Reducing Overall Costs
    Jonathan Bryant, Daniel Miles & Alain Bayet, Multibase (A Dow Corning Company), France
  • Paper 14: Slip Coat Materials Co-Extruded on Sarlink TPVs for Automotive Weatherstrips
    Jan Tom Fernhout & Ed Deckers, DSM Thermoplastic Elastomers, The Netherlands
  • Paper 15: Microcellular Foam TPV Automotive Weather Seals
    Kent Blizard, Trexel Inc, USA
  • Paper 16: Polyolefin TPV for Automotive Interior Applications
    Synco de Vogel1, Charles G Reid2, Kevin G Cai2, Hoan Tran2 & Norbert Vennemann3, Solvay Engineered Polymers, Germany1 & USA2 & University of Applies Sciences, Germany3


  • Paper 17: Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymer for Enhancing Performance of Styrenic Block Copolymer Containing Thermoplastics Elastomers
    Manoj Ajbani, Thierry Materne, Chris Kiehl & Andy Takacs, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, Chemical Division, USA
  • Paper 18: Recent Developments of Kraton G Polymers for TPE-S Compounds
    Henk de Groot, Kraton Polymers, Belgium
  • Paper 19: SEBS Nanocomposites
    Tony McNally, Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Paper 20: Development of High Butylene SEBS as Compatibilizer for PP/PS Blends
    Yuji Hongu, Kazuhisa Kodama, Nobuyuki Toyoda, Iwakazu Hattori, Masashi Shimakage
  • Paper 21: Recent Styrenic Block Co-Polymer Development - Differentiated SEPTON™ and HYBRAR™ Grades
    Katsunori Takamoto, Kururay Europe GmbH, Germany

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