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RubberChem 2008

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RubberChem 2008
Author: Rapra
ISBN 978-1-8473-5077-0

Published: 2008

Prague, Czech Republic, 3-4 December 2008

20 Pages

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The sixth international conference took place in December 2008, it ensured all who atteneded were kept up to date with the new regulations, applications and, of course, the ever changing composition of competitive products. 

The rubber industry continues to face the ongoing challenges of cost-down pressures from the automotive industry, low-price competition from suppliers in China and Eastern Europe and an array of environmental issues.

The conference proceedings are now availabe for general release, all 20 papers presented at this conference are featured ...

Paper 1
Outlook for rubber chemicals: current conditions and future prospects
Paul Ita, Notch Consulting Group, USA

Paper 2 Impact of REACH on company and sector product stewardship efforts - some predictions for the future
Ursula Schliessner, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, Belgium 

Paper 3 Carbon nanotubes/silicone elastomer nanocomposites: multi-functional and high performance products; review and trends of their applications 
Michael Claes, Daniel Bonduel & Frédéric Luizi, Nanocyl SA, Belgium; Alexandre Beigbeder & Philippe Dubois, Université of Mons-Hainaut UMH, Belgium

 Paper 4 High performance silicas in the tire industry: sustainable mobility interest - wide specific surface area range interest
Laurent Guy, Rhodia, France

Paper 5 Carbon black fundamental properties and their effect on elastomer performance
Dr Joe Hallett, Columbian Chemicals Company, UK

 Paper 6 Novel electrical conductive material based on natural rubber: preparation & characterisation
K C Yong & Md Aris Ahmad, Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia; P J S Foot & H Morgan, Kingston University, UK; S Cook & A J Tinker, Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, UK


Paper 7 How process aids help
Mario Kuschnerus & Colin Clarke, Schill & Seilacher 'Struktol' AG, Germany

 Paper 8 Improved processing stabilizer systems for rubber compounding
Dr Ing André le Gal & Eva Peregi, CIBA Inc, Switzerland

 Paper 9 Activated curing systems for IIR, CR and ECO
Dr Andreas Schröder, C Bergmann, D Hoff & M Säwe, Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH, Germany

 Paper 10 The effect of special chemicals on the aging resistance behavior of NR based tyre tread compounds
Prof Dipak Khastgir, P Sachdeva, IIT Kharagpur, India; S Dasgupta, S Bhattacharya & R Mukhopadhyay, J K Tyres Ltd, India


Paper 11 Compounding of silica filled rubber in a twin-screw extruder
Dipl-Ing Hannah Köppen, Prof Dr-Ing, Dr-Ing Eh Walter Michaeli & Edmund Haberstroh, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

 Paper 12 High and very high molecular weight EPDM polymers with 2-VINYL-5-NORBORNENE as third monomer
Chris Twigg, Michiel Dees & Herman Dikland, DSM Elastomers, The Netherlands; Martin van Duin, DSM Research, The Netherlands

Paper 13 A futuristic material for improving tire performance: addressing rolling resistance, durability and wear characteristics
Dr Nico Huntink, Rabin Datta, Vincent Siebes, Bas Pierik & Peter de Lange, Teijin Twaron BV, The Netherlands

Paper 14 Extrusion of physically foamed rubber profiles
Kira Epping & Prof Dr-Ing, Dr-Ing Eh Walter Michaeli, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Paper 15 Testing perfluoroelastomers for oil field applications
Lillian Guo, Paul McElfresh & Jim Fraser, Baker Hughes Inc, USA

 Paper 16 Accelerated test of thermoplastic elastomers under multiaxial dynamic load regarding the lifetime
Andreas Schobel & Prof Dr-Ing, Dr-Ing Eh Walter Michaeli, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

 Paper 17 Influence of nature and type of flaw on the properties of a natural rubber compound
Dr Frederick E Ngolemasango, Chris O'Connor & John Manley, Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd, UK; Martyn Bennett, Artis, UK; Jane Clarke, Loughborough University, UK


 Paper 18 Exploring novel ways to utilise recycled tyre rubber
Gary Crutchley & John Manley, Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd, UK

 Paper 19 Revulcanisation - excellent, easy and cheap method for recycling worn-out rubber
Stanislaw Pasynkiewicz, Ewa Kowalska & Magdalena Zubrowska, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Poland

 Paper 20 Effect of ageing on the fracture properties of a natural rubber engine mount compound
Dr Frederick E Ngolemasango, Chris O'Connor & John Manley, Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd, UK; Jane Clarke, Loughborough University, UK


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