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Rheology. Fundamentals

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Rheology. Fundamentals
Author: Prof. Alexander Ya. Malkin
ISBN 1-895198-09-7

Published: 1994
315 pages, 101 figures

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  • Summary
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Most technological improvements are realized through application of rheology used to modify properties of materials. At the same time, rheology is a complex discipline not fully understood by most researchers and engineers. It is not because rheology is too difficult to understand but mostly because the discipline uses its own language full of terms and models, understood by rheologists but not commonly used by others. ChemTec Publishing introduces a new series entitled Fundamental Topics in Rheology, designed to facilitate conversion of rheology from a field familiar to a narrow group of specialists to a popularly applied science. The first book in the series was written by Prof. Malkin who is an accomplished researcher in the field. Prof. Malkin wrote one of the first books on polymer rheology together with his mentor and well-known Russian scientist Prof. Vinogradov. This book is still in a popular use in every major library. The present, difficult task to write on fundamental principles of rheology in an easy to understand way without loosing its scientific content, Prof. Malkin fulfilled with accomplishment. It is only possible to write this book according to the previously defined prescription, if author can see nature as a complex but homogeneous entirety, divided to disciplines for the clarity of thought or simply to concentrate on one angle of observation at the time but with proper balance always maintained, and this was precisely achieved by the author.
  • Introduction
  • Subject and language of rheology
  • Stress
  • Deformation and rate of deformation
  • Rheological equations of state
  • Rheological viscous fluids
  • Elastic solids
  • Viscoelasticity.

Each chapter is completed by two sections: examples of practical application of theory and a review of the most important concepts introduced. Both sections of each chapter were designed to assure that the most important goal is achieved -- that the knowledge is absorbed by reader rather than leaving image of complexity and impenetrability of topic. It is not exaggeration to say that this book should be available for anyone who wants to work with materials in any capacity would it be in research or production in any area of science or industry. This book is invaluable source for students but is also to be found on the desk of rheologists.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Ya. Malkin, Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

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