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Polymer Reinforcement

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Polymer Reinforcement
Author: Yuri S. Lipatov
ISBN 1-895198-08-9

Published: 1995
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

385 pages, 117 figures

Price: $145.00 + S&H
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The main topics of this book are fillers, their interface with polymers, composites, blends, and alloys. Treatment of the subject is fundamental based on principles of surface phenomena, physico-chemical theory of filling, theory of adsorption, surface adhesion, etc. Each concept is illustrated by practical consequences for real materials which allows for easy transfer of experiences from one discipline to the other and makes book invaluable for material scientists, technologists, and engineers also in scopes other than polymers. ("The details of the mechanisms of reinforcement may be different in each case but physico-chemical principles remain valid". Lipatov, Foreword). The book contains in-depth analysis of methods by which materials properties can be improved by fostering interaction between components of existing formulation that constitutes the most economical method of upgrading of materials even with frequent reduction of material cost. Application of these methods requires fundamental understanding.
  • The basic theories of polymer adsorption
  • Adhesion of polymers at the interface with solid
  • Surface layers of polymers at the interface with solids
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of reinforcement
  • Viscoelastic properties of reinforced polymers
  • Polymer alloys as composites
  • Filled polymer alloys
  • Concluding remarks on the mechanism of reinforcing action of fillers in polymers.
Author and his group in Academy of Sciences in Kiev, composed of world recognized scientists, have been working on this subject for 35 years gaining recognition for their original results and very good knowledge of world literature in the field. Broad scientific experiences, deep understanding of the most current findings, well-thought concept of presentation makes this book very essential for those working in any area of polymers but other disciplines such as rubber, coatings, inks, pharmaceutical sciences, cosmetics, food industry, paper industry, etc. will also find this book invaluable. It should be noted that book contains broad discussion of adhesion and interphasial phenomena, and this knowledge is applied to composites, blends and alloys.


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